Film Race Elements 2017

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NAME: Carrie or Ron
LINE OF DIALOGUE: “I don’t care what you believe in, just believe in it.”
Good luck everyone!

The ZONE Filmmakers Day

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The ZONE Film Races and Film Festivals were established on March 13th, 2015 by Jo’Nathan Gwynn and Rakesh Jacob. The ZONE Film Race broke on to the Houston film scene as a new outlet for local filmmakers to showcase their storytelling talent. It also was introduced to the International Film Festival scene with submission from over 20 countries. The ZONE partnered with Comicpalooza, BedRock City Comics, Prime Camera, and Metal Geeks Podcast to bring exciting new film competitions to Houston.

The ZONE comes to us from the creative minds of Jo’Nathan Gwynn and Rakesh Jacob of Worlds of Imagination Productions, two filmmakers and entrepreneurs from Houston. Jo’Nathan is a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston and has been working in the video/film industry for the past 17 years. He has done just about everything in the media field all the way to owning his own production company. Rakesh Jacob is a well-respected and sought after filmmaker in the Houston film community. After a critically acclaimed career as a music producer, Rakesh went on to filmmaking, seeking a more challenging medium. He quickly amassed over 25 million views on multiple platforms as well as the respect and admiration of the Houston Film Community. Through their tireless efforts they have only begun to accomplish their prime directive of making Houston a cultural hub for the indie community and a dream destination for filmmakers from across the country to come and create quality films in multiple genres.
It’s the mission of The ZONE to let the world know that Houston is so much more than what the world perceives it to be, and their film races and festivals exist to highlight the incredible, undiscovered talent that calls this amazing place home. They are looking forward to the coming years, showcasing the quality films we know Houston filmmakers can create.

On March 13th, 2017, The City of Houston will honor Jo’Nathan Gwynn and Rakesh Jacob for their hard work to expand the Houston Film Community and making Houston a global destination for filmmakers.



The Zone kicks off 3rd annual film race competition and film festival

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Want to get into film? Then you’ll want to get in ‘The Zone.’

The Zone is a Houston based sci-fi fantasy film race and festival, and the 3rd annual competition is kicking off March 22.

Participants will have only one week to write, shoot, and edit a 7 to 10 minute sci-fi or fantasy film.

The teams will be given an element at the start of the race that must be included in the film, like a prop, a line, or character, but the most important element is Houston.

At the end of the race, teams will have the opportunity to see their work on a big screen during a two-day public showing held at a local movie theater and again, in front of hundreds of sci-fi fans at ‘The Zone’ film festival event at Comicpalooza.


2017 Film Race

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The the 2017, 3rd annual The Zone Sci-Fan Film Race, opens at 3pm!  Less than 10 minutes!

2017 ZONE Sci-Fan Film Festival now open!

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You can now register for the Film Festival at

2017 Film Race and Festival Registration

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Film race and Festival registration opens tomorrow, Saturday, December 17th after 3pm!  Check back tomorrow!

Film Race 2017 Registration

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The Early Bird registration opens SOON for the 2017 Film Race! Please check back Friday, December 16th, for more information!


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Best VFX
WINNER Mythica: The Darkspore
Best Writing
WINNER Dual City
Best Actress
WINNER Jamie Oon
Best Actor
WINNER Kim Sønderholm
Best Director
WINNER Anne Black
Best Short
Best Feature
WINNER Mythica: The Darkspore
The ZONE will be back for 2017 in just a few weeks so stay tuned for some important announcements regarding the 2017 season!